Information for Pilots, Flight attendants and Air traffic controllers

In the case of professional pilots, pilots known as Class 1, the first medical examination takes place exclusively in the Aeromedical Centre (K.A.I.) at 251 Air Force General Hospital - 3, P. Kanellopoulou Ave. - 11525 Athens.
For amateur pilots, Class 2 (ultralight aircrafts and helicopters), after you complete your registration at your school and start your courses you will be informed that you need to have a Medical Certificate, certifying your good health so you can freely practice your hobby. You may contact an Authorized Aeromedical examiner by HCAA and have your examination at the Medical cabinet.
The Cabin crew members can contact directly an Authorized Aeromedical examiner by HCAA and complete the procedure of their Initial Medical Certificate. the same applies for the renewal of their certificate, when necessary.
Air traffic controllers fall in the same category as the professional pilots. Similarly, for their initial Medical certificate they should contact the Aeromedical Centre (K.A.I.) and for each renewal they may contact an Authorized Aeromedical examiner by HCAA.
In our Medical Cabinet you may contact us and set up an appointment with the Secretariat for your initial examination (for Class 2 pilots, Flight Attendants and amateur parachutists). We will set a scheduled appointment, you will have the clinical examination conducted and will leave having your certificate in your hands.
The renewal of the certificate varies depending on the Degree of each pilot and his age. For the professional pilots the renewal is set for every year until the age of 60 and after 60 years every 6 months. For amateur pilots every five years up to 40 years, every two years from 40-49 years and after 50 every 1 year.
For flight attendants and air traffic controllers up to the age of 40 a renewal takes place every two years and after 40 years once per 1 year.
Of course, if a medical problem should arise during the course of life of a Flying crew member (from simple ear infection, a fractured bone, or infarction) should necessarily be declared to the Aeromedical examiner. Depending on the medical condition the Medical Certificate's duration may be altered. The validation is restored after the medical condition is back to normal.
In the case of Medical Certificate renewal the process is very simple, whether you are Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) or Class 2. Arrange an appointment with the Secretariat for your examination, and leave having your certificate.